2021 Women in Language Speakers

This year, we're bringing you another line-up of fresh voices and expert speakers with diverse backgrounds: polyglots, industry veterans, world travelers, teaching experts, academic professors, and innovators.

The full list of speakers is:

  • Alexa Little and Heather Souter, working to revitalise endangered languages
  • Kate Fisher and Karina Pearl Thorne, conversation-focused language teachers
  • Phelan, artist who incorporates language into multimedia art
  • Sylvia Gabriel, language instagrammer and English tutor (The Curious Linguist)
  • Acacia Woods Chan, ethical travel expert and entrepreneur
  • Etiene Dalcol, Brazilian software engineer and app creator
  • Ewa Corser, online Polish teacher who speaks 6 languages
  • Anneli Haake, Swedish teacher, author of Teach Yourself Swedish, and teaching mentor
  • Elzette Wilkinson, South African language blogger (Fluency Pending)
  • Emily Richardson, Portuguese learner and language entrepreneur from the UK
  • Valeria Tiourina, Russian-American software engineer
  • Andrea Higuera, co-founder and CEO of language app Yask from Colombia
  • Michele Frolla, Australian language and travel blogger
  • Caitlin Sacasas, fitness trainer with a passion for language
  • Emily Harris, US-based language youtube creator and transracial adoptee
  • Kaché Knowles, Bahamian creator and ambassador for language and culture of the Bahamas
  • Cathy Intro, French language coach and culture tutor
  • Lindsay McMahon, founder of the All Ears English platform and podcasts
  • Hannah Kentridge, British Japanese epert who creates videos for 100,000+ subscribers
  • Ambie Gonzalez, American linguist, flight-attendant and Youtuber
  • Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, puerto-rican/american parenting expert combining 3 cultures in her family
  • Elvina Gatina, translator and translation reviewer from Russia
  • Bec Howie, co-founder of Language Lovers AU and co-host of the Language Chats podcast
  • Daria Molchanova, online Russian teacher with Real Russian club
  • Judy Um, South Korean polyglot, language teacher and entrepreneur
  • Heather Koziol, podcast host and education expert who speaks 3 languages to her kids
  • Elle Charisse, New York based language podcaster (Speaking Tongues)
  • Marija Dobrovolska, Latvian-born German-teaching youtuber with over 200,000 followers
  • Gwyneth Jones, Welsh and English language teacher, writer, and emotional intelligence coach
  • Eliza Keyton, American language lover and ESL tutor who's famous for her Malayalam learning content on Instagram
  • Karla Zuluaga, endangered language and language revitalisation expert from Australia
  • Skye Shirley, founder of a non-profit dedicated to opening up Latin to underrepresented genders
  • Inda Härtlein, Berlin-based Argentinian polyglot and co-creator of Chatterbug

portraits of the women in language 2021 speakers